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BTS5712 2.0 on Gretsch Broadkaster

I’ve put your stabilizer into 5 of my guitars with Bigsbys and every time they are much improved and way more fun to play. The latest is a Gretsch Broadkaster. It would not stay in tune at all, no matter what I did. I installed the stabilizer today along with the squishy spring and away we go….. Much improved tuning and response and the new spring is wonderful. Thanks for an amazing product,

BTSV3 on Epiphone Wildkat

I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” I used the bricksbiggsfix on my Wildkatt (epiphone) guitar, along with the super squishy spring, and it works; Furthermore, it sounds beautiful but I had a pro install it. He had never done it before… I called him back to let him know how it worked, now he knows and I know… He said, “I made his day.” So, I am responding to show appreciation to you as well. I am very happy and this is the first good guitar I have ever owned (I’m 49)… Now I can finally play the way I’ve always wanted to. It was well worth it. Thank you again, Chad J. L

Bigsby BTS-5712-V2

I love Bigsby tremolos but have tolerated tuning instability for years. I wish I would have discovered this product years ago! Very easy to install and I am purchasing my third one from Brick'sBiggsFix. This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" solutions and I feel it does not detract from the appearance of the guitar. If it's good enough for my 1952 Les Paul and 1979 Telecaster it should make the most particular players happy. Now I have perfect tuning stability even if I get a little crazy with some vibrato. Maybe I should try one of those Squishy Springs....

Michael O
BTSV3 and Super Squishy Spring

Got a new Gretsch G5622T that has a licensed Bigsby B70. Although I loved the look, the slightest use of the bigsby would throw the tuning way off. It was simply not that usable given how out of tune things got. With the BTSV3 and Super squishy spring, now the bigsby is a JOY to use, with so much easier usability and stable tune!!!!!

BTS5712 (V2) G

I know that you read and have read countless positive reviews about your amazing products, but you're going to read it one more time! I can't tell you (you already know) just what a dramatic improvement the tuning stabilizer and SSS has made to this very expensive instrument. I paid $2400 + tax for my G6131T PE Firebird Duo Jet, and I knew in advance that I was going to correct the defect that's built in to the B-7 (and other) Bigsby. I really did not expect this much improvement. I mean Holy Molley, it's a phenomenal improvement! This guitar is heavily chambered mahogany w/a maple cap. It's supposed to be loud unplugged (and it was). But now, I swear, it's twice as loud unplugged than it used to be, but wait....... Plug it into a amplifier, and the tone, sustain, and tuning stability is now fantastic, way better than with the stock tension bar in place. It is now totally worthy of the Gretsch name, and totally worthy to be in my stable (collection) of other higher end guitars. Thanks again, Bill, warmest regards,

L. Wade H.
BTS5712 2.0 and Super Super Squishy Spring I don’t know exactly what I expected, but this thing is fantastic. Works perfectly and even looks good. That spring is way better than the Reverend spring too. Great doing business with you.

BTSV3 ans Super Squishy Spring

I recently acquired an Epiphone Johnny A Custom guitar with a B70 licensed Bigsby. I loved the guitar, but the Bigsby was very tight and unresponsive. In doing my online research about this guitar before purchasing, I noticed in reviews that many players had installed the BiggsFix with excellent results. Well, add me to that group! The BiggsFixx and squishy spring have made a huge difference...the guitar stays in tune much better, and the vibrato arm is now super sensitive to the touch....capable of much subtler moves. I would highly recommend this to anybody with a Bigsby with a tension bar. Excellent product!

Bill D.

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