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Product: Tuning stabilizer V3 for B50 on Epi Johnny A.
Requested Display Name: MM
Review: Morning, Bill … MM here reporting back on the BiggsfFix install for the Epi Johnny A. Gotta’ tell ya’ it’s like night and day!!! Easy to install (did a complete re-string and setup since I changed string gauge a bit), and the results are simply amazing. Guitar stays in tune and I can actually use the Bigsby now. I also play Strats and use the trem quite often for subtle effects, so the ability to now use the Bigsby on the Johnny A opens up a new tonal and sonic path for me. I’m really, really pleased with your ingenious improvement to such an inherently flawed design. I’ve attached several pics for your enjoyment and use on your website, if you wish. Thanks again … if the need arises again, I’ll be back!
Product: Tuning stabilizer V3 for B50
Requested Display Name: JP
Review: Thank you for the great product! I’ve been really putting the new roller to the test on my Reverend Spacehawk…. which is suppose to stay in tune great and it did not. Not at all. Just like in your YT video my guitar would either stay sharp or flat after even the slightest bend. Super frustrating.
I’ve been enjoying doing crazy bends without fear of it losing tune. It’s been fantastic.

Product: Tuning stabilizer V3
Requested Display Name: Telequin
Review: Just installed two V3 tuning stabilizers on a 2005 and a 2018 Epiphone Wildkat….this is exactly what the doctor ordered…, what a difference. What is epiphone thinking with that break angle from hell? For anybody with a Wildkat, installing a roller bridge and a bricksbiggsfix tuning stabilizer is a absolute must. The tuning stabilizer was a breeze to install. Thanks for the quality product and good luck with all your future endeavors.

Product: BTS5712

Requested Display Name: M Van Y

Review: Got the stabilizer and just installed it! Such a freaking awesome invention! I teach guitar for a living and have been playing for 30 years. This is one of the best inventions EVER! Trust me when I say I’ve seen every new gadget but this thing just works. So cool! I wish you all the best and I’ll be singing your praises to all of my students and people I play with.

Product:  Biggsfix for B50

Requested Display Name: Cornell

Review: I just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you for making the tuning stabilizer. I cannot believe how much of difference that it has made. It is a literal game changer! I was approaching this as a last resort, and seriously considered selling my Pro Jet in favor of a Duo Jet. I think that I will likely use those funds to get the newer Asian center block jr. and pickup another of these with the squishy spring. I have been playing nonstop and I am the happiest that I have been with this guitar since I purchased it. I hope that more people will find out about this amazing product.
Many Blessings to you,

Product:  Biggsfix for B70
Requested Display Name: Pf
Review: Had a terrible time keeping my Gretsch Streamliner center block in tune. After installing the Biggsfix the guitar stays in tune so much better. A worthwhile investment.

Product: BTSV3
Requested Display Name: Chris C.
Review: I ordered the biggs fix from you recently, it arrived here in Scotland yesterday.
I was having some tuning issues with the B50 bigsby on my Reverend Sensei. Despite having a roller bridge, graphite nut and locking tuners, i was having problems with my strings going sharp after using the bigsby.I did a little research online and found that the problem was the steep break angle behind the bridge. Eventually i found your product but unfortunately it isn’t available here in the UK so i ordered it direct from your website. I’m happy to report that it has completely solved the problem! No tuning instability whatsoever no matter how hard i work the bigsby! What a terrific product that is so simple and so easy to install. It makes me wonder why it isn’t being sold in shops worldwide as i personally think you would sell a shed load of these. Thanks a lot for solving my problem and I’m already recommending your product to guitarists i know here who might be interested.

Thanks again

Product: SSSG
Requested Display Name: CYOUL8R
Review: I purchased the Super Squishy Spring for my G5422TG and have to say what an excellent product it is. It arrived a day earlier than expected. What a difference maker for ease and smoothness of operating the Bigsby. A well thought out and design for this improvement. Bill was great in putting up with my emails and the best to deal with. Completely satisfied.

Product: Stabilizer for Epiphone Wildkat and the Squishy Spring
Requested Display Name: 12Pack
Review: I bought this guitar just two weeks ago and was ready to take it back after the first evening messing around with it. It would not stay in tune at all. Before doing any research, I could tell I did not like the angle of the string over the stock Tune-o-matic bridge. I could see the bridge moving when I used the Bigsby. I knew it wasn’t right. I decided to see if there were any fixes out there. The first one I came across was the roller bridges. I ordered the Schaller Bridge and installed it. I immediately gained some performance but it still wasn’t right at all. It would just not stay in tune. Again, I was going to return the guitar and then I came across a message board where someone said to get Brick’sBiggsFix. I watched the videos and read the reviews and decided to go for it. So I went to order but the stock seemed to be out of stock. So I emailed and I quickly got a response from Bill. The dude wrote me back while on vacation! How cool is that? Once he got back, he contacted me and told me I could order. Which I immediately did.
I installed on my guitar tonight and immediately felt like I had a playable guitar. What a difference! In short, I’ll be keeping this guitar now. Additionally, I installed the squishy spring on the Bigsby and was immediately impressed as to how much better and responsive it was as well.
All in all, don’t give up on your Epiphone Wildkat. Get ahold of Bill and buy what should have been on the guitar from the beginning. A superior product for sure. I would also strongly suggest you get the squishy spring too. Get yourself a roller bridge and you’ll be happy just like me. Thanks to Bill for being so responsive. If I ever buy another guitar with similar issues, the first place I’m coming to is Brick’sBiggsFix!

Product: BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer for Bigsby B5, B7 and B12 (Chrome)
Requested Display Name: Dave
Review: I recently purchased the BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer for Bigsby B5, B7 and B12 (Chrome) for my Bigsby B5 on a 2017 Gibson SG Standard T. The B5 constantly went out of tune prior to the BiggsFix Stabilizer. I tried nut sauce, a higher end nut, better strings, stretching the strings.. anything I could find online to try I did. I love the Bigsby but was going to have to take it off (which would have been a shame – especially since I had drilled holes in the guitar). Then I stumbled upon the BiggsFix on YouTube. Figured I’d give it a try. Right away I could notice a difference tuning the guitar. I have had it on about a week and have hardly needed to tune at all. Great product. I rarely write in review products but for those like me who enjoy the Bigsby but not the tuning issues – give this a try.

Product: BTSV3
Just installed it on my Epiphone Wildkat with a B-70. It was impossible to keep in tune if the vibrato was used. The modification works perfectly, the reduced angle and tension on the strings keeps it in tune and makes the Bigsby smoother in operation.
Thanks for a product that works as advertised. The removal of the retaining clip around the roller is a pain unless you have the correct removal tools. Took two of us 10 min using scew drivers etc.

Product: BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer V3 for Bigsby “Licensed” B50, B70 and B700 (Chrome)
Requested Display Name: N8
Review: The sales cycle was very smooth. I got all my questions answered in a timely manner. The product arrived in perfect condition and within the expected delivery time.

Installation was super easy (once I figured out which tools to get to un-install the original Bigsby bridge).

The actual Product (BiggsFix) Tunning stabilizer does an OK Job. Every time I pick up the guitar, all the strings are flat. I still have to re-tune after every song (and sometime during songs) due to the fact that the stabilizer does not fix 100% the ‘going-out-of-tune’ issue… (even if I don’t use the Bigsby Bar).

I’ve had a set-up done post BiggsFixx installation (and nut andsaddles fixed too)… still not a perfect solution.

It is deffinitely a significant improvement over the original Bigsby I got with the guitar, but it is nowhere near where I’d like it to be. As of today tho’, this is definitely the best solution out there (other than not getting a Bigsby on your guitar).

Product: Stabilizer for B-50
Requested Display Name: Joegerard
Review: First. I ordered this and in just a couple of days it was in my hands. Thank you.
As soon as I got it I got a new set of strings for my Electromatic ProJet and installed it right away. Installation was a breeze. Even the retainer clip came off rather easy (lucky me) I do recommend to protect your guitar top with something like a rag in case your flat tips slip while removing the clip.
The best part is, after I stretched my strings and played for the next 1/2 hour with a lot of bigsby usage, it stayed perfectly in tune. This is with the original bridge and tuners. After that, I just couldn’t put the guitar down and ended up playing it for a couple of hours.
Next morning I went to check on it and to my surprise it was still in tune give or take a cent. Another thing I noted is that the guitar now has great sustain. Needless to say I am very happy with this stabilizer and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone with this problem. I will be using this guitar live this weekend and I know it will be perfect. Thank you!
Now I just need to order that squishy spring!

By: Jose G.

Product: BiggsFix for EpiphoneWildkat and Super Squishy spring
Requested Display Name: SteveG
Review: Hi just to say big, big thanks for the Bigsfix. My factory Epiphone Wildkat would not stay in tune no matter how much fettling I did or nut lube I used. The D & G strings were especially bad and the trem was stiff. After seeing Bill’s youtube demo I ordered the BiggsFix and Super Squishy spring. It was easy fit with no drilling and no special tools. And what a difference! Even six months later it’s smooth and helps my Epiphone stay in tune better than any Bigsby I’ve tried. even on a Gretsch or Gibson, And as a bonus the trem is now super soft and just floats for really subtle, shimmering sounds. Thanks again Bill – Steve, Liverpool, England

Product: BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer for Bigsby B7
Requested Display Name: Eric G
Review: The BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer should be called The Guitar Changer…this thing is amazing! I have a 2015 Gretsch Electromatic G5435T whose “off the rack” tuning stability was real bad. I put on Sperzel locking tuners and a Wilkinson roller bridge – a little better but still not great. I tried Big Bends Nut Sauce – only marginally better. Got myself a Vibramate, which helped putting on new strings but didn’t change tuning problems. Then I decided to upgrade the stock licensed B50 to a B7 with the BiggsFix (minus the Vibramate – won’t work in this scenario) , and “Voila!!!” I feel like I’m playing a completely different guitar. I can play this thing non-stop for a long time and it does NOT go out of tune. And the sustain I’m getting with the B7 and BiggsFix is incredible. I was a bit concerned the BiggsFix would get in the way of my right hand while playing, but I don’t find it cumbersome at all. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a BiggsFix – it’ll save you a lot of headaches, and save your guitar from getting “thinned out of the herd”.

Product: BTSV3G (for B70 Licensed Bigsby)

Got the Epiphone Wilkat Special Edition in Pearl White. I did notice the “break angle”, but I did not notice any serious tuning or play-ability problems. I was just doing some research on it when I found major complaints. I did eventually notice some tuning instability, but my biggest problem was the extremely stiff Bigsby arm. So I had to decide if I wanted this guitar or not. I decided YES….and ordered the Biggsfix and squishy spring. Install was easy enough- just make sure to tighten both sides gently so as to keep the roller centered- inspect both “E” strings so they have even spacing on the ends of the roller. You may have to loosen one side, then tighten the other, and it will shift a little bit. Both allen screws firm but not overtight.

It completely changed the way I play this guitar. I won’t review the guitar here…but be assured…no tuning problems and the Bigsby is now delightful to work! I’d like to note if you’ve seen the video of the guy who said put the strings over the top of the stock Bigsby roller…..that will NOT work on the Wildkat. Not even close. Get the Biggsfix, you won’t regret it. The squishy spring really helped. I swapped them back and forth to make sure it’s what I wanted. It was.

By: Bigsfixed

I put a Brick’s Biggs Fix on my Epiphone WildKat and wow! I’ve sent praise before but its been awhile — The Kat was just a whammy and p90s as an experiment. Wouldn’t stay in tune even with minimal whammy use. The BBFix fixed that, even with the stock nut and bridge. I play this guitar more than all my others combined, now — love the neck, love the action, love the way the guitar fits my body, love the Bigsby. The BBFix made that possible. Thanks again! Thom P.

This is amazing!

My Biggsfix and super squishy spring arrived today and I just installed it. Oh My GOD! Night and day difference! They’ve transformed an already awesome guitar (Gretsch 2017 Japanese made Broadcaster). Not only does the whammy bar feel much more responsive and stay in tune but the overall feel and intonation of the guitar has been instantly improved. Thanks so much for such a great product and fantastic customer service!

By: Ben A

Yesterday I received the two Tuning Stabilizers I ordered from you and installed them on my Reverend Warhawks. The difference they make is amazing. I bought them because I was frustrated with the tuning issues I was experiencing (which they remedied perfectly). What I didn’t anticipate was how much smoother the Bigsby would feel after the mod. I stayed up way too late last night because I couldn’t stop playing. Money well spent – thanks a million!

By: TJ

Well, I’m officially impressed. I put the fix on an Ephiphone Bonamassa Les Paul yesterday evening and played perhaps 15 minutes. I didn’t think there was too much improvement right off, but figured the strings might need to readjust after being detuned and the geometry changed. I tuned the guitar before I put it back in the case for the night. What a difference a few hours made! I pulled it out around noon; the D string was barely flat and the G and B strings were just a hair sharp. I tuned those up then played for half an hour with lots of string bends and vibrato chords. I checked the tuning once or twice in the first few minutes to ensure tuning was holding. At the end of half an hour, the guitar was still in tune! It took me years of adjustments to get my Strats to come close to that. This Les Paul just went from “I don’t know about this thing” to “hell yeah!”

By: JF

Just a quick word to let you know that this little guy is the best thing since sliced bread! My B50 was very stiff due to the steep string angle; plus the fact that the strings were hanging up on the back edge of the bridge. I also installed the squishy spring. Now it’s absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for a great product!

By: Bill

I have a Gretsch Electromatic Double Jet G5445T, and tried everything to keep it in tune with the licensed Bigsby B50. My luthier set up my nut correctly, and the ADM bridge. Close, but still not quite right which would drive me crazy. I then added a TruArc Serpentune rocking bar bridge, which got me in the ballpark but still not all the way there. New tuners (Grover Sta-Tite) to replace the stock ones which didn’t feel that great but didn’t make a difference in Bigsby use. Then I saw mention of the Brick’s BiggsFix on a few forums. Since I had tried everything else I figured why not. Why not indeed! If you have a tension roller Bigsby, especially the licensed version, you MUST get the Tuning Stabilizer. I can finally use my Bigsby with confidence, I know it will come back in tune. Buy it, now! Oh yeah, get the squishy spring too, it makes the action feel great.
Thank you for this product! I went from being ready to take the Bigsby off to grabbing this guitar every chance I get.

By: Zippofan

Absolutely killer! I expected this thing to be good, given all the positive reviews, but the stabilizer is beyond my expectations! I installed on my PRS Starla with Bigsby and this guitar stays in tune regardless of how much or how aggressive I get with it. The stabilizer and the squishy spring feel is also what I’d always dreamed that a Bigsby should play like, with lots of incredibly spongy soft-touch feel. Worth every cent! Thanks for designing such a great product!!

By: Troutmask Tele

I got a WildKat to have P90s and a whammy in the collection. The Bigsby was useless — by the end of Sleep Walk the guitar was hopelessly out of tune. Hard to get a whammy sound I liked…. Got your mod and soft spring and wow! Just flaming wow! Haven’t even changed the nut. Stays in tune. Sensitive, versatile whammy sounds. Getting a whammy was just intended to be for novelty on a couple of songs — thanks to you, it is becoming part of “my sound.”

Great product. Great price. Instant delivery. Great customer service. Getting the retaining clip off the old rig was aggravating but well worth it.

You took a guitar I had pretty much given up on and made it my go to. The Bricksbiggsfix is on my top ten list of happiest buys of my lifetime. Thank you so much.

I have a Trussart Steelcaster with a Bigsby B7. Sadly the deep string break as fitted made the Bigsby really unstable regarding tuning, and stiffer than I was comfortable with. I recently purchased a BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer for Bigsby B5, B7 and B12 (Chrome) and Super Squishy Spring. Fitting was really straightforward and took just a few minutes to remove strings, fit the BiggsFix and restring. The results were perfect! The Super Squishy Spring makes the tremolo smooth, spongy and fluid and overall I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Bill was really communicative and helpful throughout and even sent it to an address in the US where I was working so I could avoid import duty charges to the UK. Overall an excellent, simple to install and inexpensive solution to the tuning stability problem. I can’t recommend it highly enough… Many thanks.

By: Merlin

I just installed the BiggsFix on my Gibson SG standard with a Bigsby b7 and it it did what it promised! The tuning stability was instant with increased sustain. And by the way, my SG is also fitted with a v7 Vibramate. I was a bit nervous at first because of the height that the Vibramate added to the Bigsby in relation to the bridge, but there is enough break angle to keep the strings seated even in the deepest vibrato dives. I really can’t recommend this product enough, as I was about to take the Bigsby off because of the tuning issues. It wouldn’t even stay in tune when I wasn’t even using the vibrato! Bigsby vibratos look great, but there is always a trade off with their practical use in my experience, until now. This one little simple device solved a major in about five minutes! Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

By: Ollielama

I thought my Epiphone Wildkat’s tuning issue was hopeless. I was unable to use my Bigsby Trem as it would instantly make the guitar out of tune. In my quest to fix this, I changed to a Compoton Bridge, Graphite Nut, & Locking Tuners but still no luck. I accidentally saw the Brick’sBiggsFix website link in a forum and after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try and bought the BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer V3 & Super Squishy Spring. Oh boy, it was like magic! My guitar stayed in tune after abusing the Bigsby Trem. The Super Squishy Spring got rid of the stiffness issue and I am super happy playing my Epiphone Wildkat now.

By: Jose

I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to buy a seemingly simple upgrade at one fifth of the price of my Epiphone Wildkat Royale itself. But oh man, what a great product this is! With just a little graphite (from a pencil) on the stock bridge and nut, and the tuning stabilizer installed, it is actually hard to get the guitar out of tune by using the Bigsby. The BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer is a smart, well-crafted, professional, and excellent looking solution to a common source of irritation amongst Wildkat owners. It has definitely transformed my Wildkat from an incidentally played studio guitar into a live performance beast.

By: Grandson Lodge

Ordered one for my WildKat which would get way out of tune after moderate whammy. Arrived almost instantly. Except for getting the retaining clip off the end of the old roller, installation was a breeze. Even with fresh strings tuning was much more stable. With strings broken in and some serious whammy, four strings were still in tune and the other two close enough to keep playing — I could see it on the tuner but not really hear it. I got the soft spring too. The whammy seems to have more nuance now too — kind of a sideways warble that wasn’t there before. The Brick’sBiggsFix definitely improves tuning stability and makes the whammy much more useful. Worth the money. Highly recommended.

(BTSV3 and Super Squishy Spring)

Haven’t been so happy for a while. Not only that it solves tuning stability it also improves work with the bigsby itself. My Gretsch streamliner now stays in tune perfectly no matter how much I’m raping the tremolo! Recommending even for players from Europe like myself! The price and shipping is definitely worth it! It’s almost unbelievable that device so small can make such a difference and solve the whole misery of your guitar getting constantly out of tune. Thank you Brick’sBiggsFix!

By: Europian Joe

(Sealed Bearing Tension Roller and Squishy Spring)

What a perfect product! More sustain (no more plastic rollers), nice squishy tremelo and improved tuning! A must have for all Bigsby users.

By: BaukeC

This us a little beauty! After a couple months of use,this has “saved” my wildkat! To any other epikat owner who struggles with tuning;give this a shot. Thank you.

By: Roy G

I was very impressed with the playability and tuning stability that I experienced after installing your well crafted tuning stabilizer and “squishy” spring on my new Epiphone Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blu casino. It was night and day. This guitar is a joy to play and is keeping some of my vintage guitars in their cases because this Bigsby is now so much fun to play. And it stays in tune! Such a “buttery” Bigsby feel . What a great product. Worth every penny. Oh, and when you order one definitely get that spring, too!

By: PocketRadio

I received my tuning stabilizer just today and having installed it, I am so pleased with the results that I thought i’d put a review straight away.
This has been put on my Epiphone Wildkat, a guitar I really like but which couldn’t stay in tune and the most frustrating thing was that there was no consistency to how it would go out of tune – some strings sharp, some flat, even when not using the bigsby. Like other reviews on here, I tried all the usual tricks (lubricate all contact points, stretch strings, installed roller bridge, tried different gauge strings, removed tension bar completely…etc) and had got to the point of considering selling it. Until I stumbled across this product by luck one night.
The stabilizer is well made and easy to install. I just slackened strings considerably rather than removing them. Hardest part for us Europeans is finding the right size hex tool which doesn’t exist in hex sets with the European metric system. The results are wonderful, the Kat stays in tune perfectly now even after serious trem use, and because the tension is so much reduced the trem bar feels silky smooth and so easy to use.
Thank you for engineering such a well designed solution, I hope you sell a tonne of these. Every Wildkat should come with one!

By: Simon K

Just want to say this is a great product and does exactly what its suppose to do.
This is my second purchase and I use these on my Epiphone Casino Elitist 1965
Thank you for a great high quality product .

By: Bobby Dee San Diego Ca.

Ingenious miracle, so simple yet so perfect

In a world of hype and marketing which, I have fallen victim to dozens of times over 30+ years of being an active guitarist in bands and studio, you sometimes find a rare gem. I have always wanted an Epiphone wildcat, mostly for the P90s and bigsby combo. I finally pulled the trigger last year only to get it home and realize that it would not stay in tune, even if I did not touch the bigsby. I tried different strings, adjustments to the bridge, nothing worked. While searching youtube for answers, most revolved around roller bridges which have their own problems, I found Bill’s video. That video for a tuning stabilizer made sense to me, extreme break angle, so simple. I had not played the wildkat at all, it was a useless guitar. I ordered the V3 stabilizer, Bill was very helpful,answered every email. A week later it came in the mail. 5 min after installing I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing on my tuner, perfect pitch even after divebombing the trem bar which, on a Biggs, you would never do. Bills genius effectively gave me a new guitar. Installs in minutes, very well made, and works like a charm. American ingenuity at its very best. As a bonus I bought the squishy spring which further reduced tension on the trem bar making the guitar an absolute pleasure to play. Good people, great company, ridiculously perfect product. Do yourself and your guitar a favor, buy one. I was teetering on trading the guitar, thanks Bill for saving my Kat, I could not be happier.

Recently bought an Epiphone Wildkat, my first guitar with a Bigsby. Loved the tone and playability put way too many tuning issues. Put on a GFS Roller Bridge which did help some but not enough. Now with the BricksBiggsFix it stays in tune great! So for a fairly small investment, guitar and a few extra parts I’ve now got a great guitar!

By: Brian Marshall

Installed on my WildKat and I’m well pleased with this unit. Only other change to this guitar from stock is a graphite nut. I wanted to mention that for anyone that hasn’t purchased a roller bridge yet. Try this unit first…you’ll probably save yourself some money.

By: Jim

I was looking on YouTube for modifications to the Bigsby Tremelo on my Epiphone  Wildkat Guitar. My problem was the whammy bar was too tight or too loose when it rotated. I came across BiggsFix videos  and thought I would give one a try.  What a difference. The whammy bar is much more sensitive now and feels much smoother to the touch. The guitar seems to stay in tune better. I mostly do the Ventures style of whammy bar action and not to many dive bombs so the tuning  stays right on. After realizing the difference I don’t see why Bigsby  released this model into production with the problems caused by this lower position tension roller. It really destroys the action of this unit. Brick’s unit is a great idea and I take my hat off to him for coming up with it. Thanks for a great idea!!

By: Ed

I got my stabilizer yesterday, put it on last night and I’m tickled to death. It made the biggest difference in the world on that thing. Had to go thru a new string stretching process but who cares it works! Next month I’ll get the squishy spring.
Thanks a million for a great product

By: Garry

This stabilizer should be on all Epiphone Wildkats. Easy to install and works like a charm. The stabilizer is a quality fix for a bargain price.
My WildKat stays in tune now after using the Bigsby Tremolo. I also got the Super Squishy Spring as a replacement for the OEM spring……….I love this thing, It’s like a marshmallow.
Don’t think twice about buying one of these, you won’t regret it!

By: Persecution Smith

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