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I own a 2016 Gibson Les Paul ES Goldtop P90 VOS with Bigsby which is a mouthful as well as a pain in the behind. It just will not stay in tune. I changed the tuners to locking tuners. So far so good. I replaced the ABR-1 bridge with an ABM roller bridge that just won’t fit the ABR-1 studs. I ordered a Trapeze Tailpiece which is on backorder from AllParts as a last resort 😉 and I ordered the Tuning Stabilizer from you, which I just fitted along with the original ABR-1 bridge. Guess what? After some David Gilmour stringbending and subtle vibrato it stays in tune at last… So I thank you for making such a ingenius stabilizer 😉 The Gibson Les Paul ES is fun to play but not when it is out of tune every time you touch the Bigsby Handle.

Rudi L - The Netherlands, BTS5712 2.0

Morning, Bill … MM here reporting back on the BiggsfFix install for the Epi Johnny A. Gotta’ tell ya’ it’s like night and day!!! Easy to install (did a complete re-string and setup since I changed string gauge a bit), and the results are simply amazing. Guitar stays in tune and I can actually use the Bigsby now. I also play Strats and use the trem quite often for subtle effects, so the ability to now use the Bigsby on the Johnny A opens up a new tonal and sonic path for me. I’m really, really pleased with your ingenious improvement to such an inherently flawed design. I’ve attached several pics for your enjoyment and use on your website, if you wish. Thanks again … if the need arises again, I’ll be back!

MM, Tuning stabilizer V3 for B50 on Epi Johnny A.
Thank you for the great product! I’ve been really putting the new roller to the test on my Reverend Spacehawk…. which is suppose to stay in tune great and it did not. Not at all. Just like in your YT video my guitar would either stay sharp or flat after even the slightest bend. Super frustrating. I’ve been enjoying doing crazy bends without fear of it losing tune. It’s been fantastic.
JP, Tuning stabilizer V3 for B50

Just installed two V3 tuning stabilizers on a 2005 and a 2018 Epiphone Wildkat….this is exactly what the doctor ordered…..man, what a difference. What is epiphone thinking with that break angle from hell? For anybody with a Wildkat, installing a roller bridge and a bricksbiggsfix tuning stabilizer is a absolute must. The tuning stabilizer was a breeze to install. Thanks for the quality product and good luck with all your future endeavors.

Telequin, Tuning stabilizer V3

Got the stabilizer and just installed it! Such a freaking awesome invention! I teach guitar for a living and have been playing for 30 years. This is one of the best inventions EVER! Trust me when I say I’ve seen every new gadget but this thing just works. So cool! I wish you all the best and I’ll be singing your praises to all of my students and people I play with.

M Van Y, BTS5712

I just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you for making the tuning stabilizer. I cannot believe how much of difference that it has made. It is a literal game changer! I was approaching this as a last resort, and seriously considered selling my Pro Jet in favor of a Duo Jet. I think that I will likely use those funds to get the newer Asian center block jr. and pickup another of these with the squishy spring. I have been playing nonstop and I am the happiest that I have been with this guitar since I purchased it. I hope that more people will find out about this amazing product. Many Blessings to you.

Cornell, Biggsfix for B50

Had a terrible time keeping my Gretsch Streamliner center block in tune. After installing the Biggsfix the guitar stays in tune so much better. A worthwhile investment.

Pf, Biggsfix for B70

I ordered the biggs fix from you recently, it arrived here in Scotland yesterday.
I was having some tuning issues with the B50 bigsby on my Reverend Sensei. Despite having a roller bridge, graphite nut and locking tuners, i was having problems with my strings going sharp after using the bigsby.I did a little research online and found that the problem was the steep break angle behind the bridge. Eventually i found your product but unfortunately it isn’t available here in the UK so i ordered it direct from your website. I’m happy to report that it has completely solved the problem! No tuning instability whatsoever no matter how hard i work the bigsby! What a terrific product that is so simple and so easy to install. It makes me wonder why it isn’t being sold in shops worldwide as i personally think you would sell a shed load of these. Thanks a lot for solving my problem and I’m already recommending your product to guitarists i know here who might be interested.

Thanks again

Chris C., BTSV3

I purchased the Super Squishy Spring for my G5422TG and have to say what an excellent product it is. It arrived a day earlier than expected. What a difference maker for ease and smoothness of operating the Bigsby. A well thought out and design for this improvement. Bill was great in putting up with my emails and the best to deal with. Completely satisfied.


I bought this guitar just two weeks ago and was ready to take it back after the first evening messing around with it. It would not stay in tune at all. Before doing any research, I could tell I did not like the angle of the string over the stock Tune-o-matic bridge. I could see the bridge moving when I used the Bigsby. I knew it wasn’t right. I decided to see if there were any fixes out there. The first one I came across was the roller bridges. I ordered the Schaller Bridge and installed it. I immediately gained some performance but it still wasn’t right at all. It would just not stay in tune. Again, I was going to return the guitar and then I came across a message board where someone said to get Brick’sBiggsFix. I watched the videos and read the reviews and decided to go for it. So I went to order but the stock seemed to be out of stock. So I emailed and I quickly got a response from Bill. The dude wrote me back while on vacation! How cool is that? Once he got back, he contacted me and told me I could order. Which I immediately did.
I installed on my guitar tonight and immediately felt like I had a playable guitar. What a difference! In short, I’ll be keeping this guitar now. Additionally, I installed the squishy spring on the Bigsby and was immediately impressed as to how much better and responsive it was as well.
All in all, don’t give up on your Epiphone Wildkat. Get ahold of Bill and buy what should have been on the guitar from the beginning. A superior product for sure. I would also strongly suggest you get the squishy spring too. Get yourself a roller bridge and you’ll be happy just like me. Thanks to Bill for being so responsive. If I ever buy another guitar with similar issues, the first place I’m coming to is Brick’sBiggsFix!

12Pack, Stabilizer for Epiphone Wildkat and the Squishy Spring

I recently purchased the BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer for Bigsby B5, B7 and B12 (Chrome) for my Bigsby B5 on a 2017 Gibson SG Standard T. The B5 constantly went out of tune prior to the BiggsFix Stabilizer. I tried nut sauce, a higher end nut, better strings, stretching the strings.. anything I could find online to try I did. I love the Bigsby but was going to have to take it off (which would have been a shame – especially since I had drilled holes in the guitar). Then I stumbled upon the BiggsFix on YouTube. Figured I’d give it a try. Right away I could notice a difference tuning the guitar. I have had it on about a week and have hardly needed to tune at all. Great product. I rarely write in review products but for those like me who enjoy the Bigsby but not the tuning issues – give this a try.

Dave, BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer for Bigsby B5, B7 and B12 (Chrome)

Just installed it on my Epiphone Wildkat with a B-70. It was impossible to keep in tune if the vibrato was used. The modification works perfectly, the reduced angle and tension on the strings keeps it in tune and makes the Bigsby smoother in operation.
Thanks for a product that works as advertised. The removal of the retaining clip around the roller is a pain unless you have the correct removal tools. Took two of us 10 min using scew drivers etc.

Steve, BTSV3

The sales cycle was very smooth. I got all my questions answered in a timely manner. The product arrived in perfect condition and within the expected delivery time.

Installation was super easy (once I figured out which tools to get to un-install the original Bigsby bridge).

The actual Product (BiggsFix) Tunning stabilizer does an OK Job. Every time I pick up the guitar, all the strings are flat. I still have to re-tune after every song (and sometime during songs) due to the fact that the stabilizer does not fix 100% the ‘going-out-of-tune’ issue… (even if I don’t use the Bigsby Bar).

I’ve had a set-up done post BiggsFixx installation (and nut andsaddles fixed too)… still not a perfect solution.

It is deffinitely a significant improvement over the original Bigsby I got with the guitar, but it is nowhere near where I’d like it to be. As of today tho’, this is definitely the best solution out there (other than not getting a Bigsby on your guitar).

N8, BiggsFix Tuning Stabilizer V3 for Bigsby “Licensed” B50, B70 and B700 (Chrome)