The New BiggsFix BTS5712 2.0 Tuning Stabilizer is for Bigsby models B5, B7 and B12 with gold hardware. If you are experiencing too much down pressure and your string angle over the bridge is extreme, then adding the NEW BiggsFix BTS5712 version 2.0 results in your string angle more closely matching that of Bigsby’s non-tension roller vibrato systems. This NEW version mounts with the NEW “Stub Axle” mounting screws. No need to thread strings between Biggsfix roller and stock axle. Axle is not used for attachment.

BTS5712 2.0 is not recommended for Bigsbys mounted on the Vibramate adapter plate. For this applications look at the BTS5712VM which has 1.5mm less relief to compensate for the adapter plate.

Also, Telecaster is excluded from the list of guitars the stabilizer works with. There isn’t quite enough tension left to hold the strings on the saddles when the stabilizer is installed.

Most USA made Bigsbys have an axle retaining set screw on the bottom of the Bigsby. This pesky little set screw requires a 5/64″ Hex Key. If you need one, consider adding one to your order.

Also, consider adding a “Super Squishy” spring to your order. While not increasing tuning stability, it WILL increase your playing pleasure!